Emerald Estock – Photographer and Weaver

About Emerald Estock – Photographer and Weaver

Born and raised in Tennessee, Emerald Estock has been involved in photography since grade school. He is self taught, but has attended workshops by Craig Stevens and John Sexton. He is an experiential learner and an Eagle Scout.

Emerald worked as a surveyor, real estate manager, and as a volunteer firefighter and hazmat chief.  He always preferred jobs with an outdoors component, and his latest employment adventure was flatbed trucking.  Emerald can back a 102” trailer into a 104″space.

He has traveled extensively and also hiked the Appalachian Trail.  His travels, particularly the trail, are a big influence on his art.

Emerald finally went to digital printing when he discovered he could produce prints that could not be distinguished from a traditional silver gelatin print.  He was taught weaving in 2006 by Susan Laswell of Heartsong Baskets and began weaving photographs in 2014.


I have always been an experiential learner with a passion for photography.

The photographic print has been my visual voice and I’ve explored multiple alternative printing processes, over the years including platinum and hand made substrates. I enjoy doing my own printing.

Creating an expressive print is both challenging and rewarding.

I began weaving as a break from photography, but soon found I wanted to bring the tactile quality of weaving to my photographs.

In my latest body of work, I am exploring the creative potential of woven images. I feel the woven texture helps engage the viewer, and draws them deeper into the image.