About Harold Hodges – Photography

At the age of twelve I entered the freshman class at Tuscaloosa High School and met Harriet Stogrin who would be my art teacher the next four years. I did not know that she would also prepare me for how I would live the rest of my life. With her blessing the kids all affectionately called her “Stogie”. The first thing she taught me was that I did not have to go anywhere to find a source for beautiful pictures. At the time I was familiar with the elements of design and she showed me that I could be anywhere, stand in one place and look three hundred sixty degrees in any direction and choose to see in wide panoramas or focus directly and close anywhere within my sight to find exotic compositions using those elements I had learned. Next she showed me that I could use those places I found as “Points of Departure” and from those points dive deeply into the inner spaces of my own mind to discover places that I had not known were there. Over the next four years Stogie formed the way I would look at the world forever. I found I could see visual rhythms and discovered the universal heartbeat in all things; that is what I look for and the element I have attempted to express in my pictures since the day Mrs. Stogrin gave me awareness of it. I now ask you the viewer to join me and use my pictures as a point of departure to explore the inner space of your own mind. discover the rhythms and touch the universal heartbeat that connects us. If you are able to the picture is then complete.