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About Mae Klinger – Fine Art Prints

Mae Klinger is an artist living in Massachusetts.

Artist Statement:

Cyanotype-style sun printing is an alternative photography process that uses UV light to develop paper treated with a chemical solution. I was drawn to sun printing as a way to experiment with digital negatives and fell in love with the mysterious blues, the potential for dream-like images, and the role of the sun in developing the prints.
I use pre-treated sun art paper, my own digital photographs, and incorporate additional effects using layers of transparency film and materials such as ink, salt, acrylic, and water. These layers of transparency can give the effect of splashing water, strange light, and pale fire.
My favorite part of the sun printing practice is the unknown – I put together compositions that I find exciting, but I’m never certain how they will turn out until they are exposed to the sun, and the details of the negatives are illuminated.