About Randi Rom – Jewelry Maker

Randi Rom (1961 – 2017) studied graphic arts and printing at Appalachian State University in North Carolina.  She created jewelry from a love of art, color and a sense of helping to bring more light to the planet. Each piece was hand created with love. Working from a place of an open heart and a peaceful mind, the designs came from the gifts of Mother Earth. Created from beautiful natural stones, pearls, sterling, and copper, they were all one-of-a-kind pieces of love. Each piece helps each person to be the best most authentic soul he or she came here to be.  As Randi would say, “Move forward and shine your light, letting us all see who you really are.”

Randi honed her craft and gathered stones for her jewelry in Brazil, the UK, and the US.  During her travels, she was honored to display her jewelry at the Hay House, “I Can Do It Conference” in Tampa Bay, Florida in 2010.  Randi was invited to display her jewelry at an Academy Awards Red Carpet event in Los Angeles, California in March of 2014.

Randi visited Art in Bloom Gallery in Wilmington, NC for a week as an artist in residence in 2016.  She demonstrated her hand-crafted jewelry making process and shared her joyous and authentic approach to art and life.

Memorial donations may be made to the Lower Cape Fear Hospice in memory of Randi Rom.