Janette K. Hopper – Judischer Friedhof Series: Names Continue On


Size:  24” x 18”
Charcoal – Framed

Drawn on location in the “Judischer Friedhof” (Jewish Cemetery). Located right next to the main graveyard in Mannheim, Germany. The complete series of ten charcoal drawings is also available for purchase.  Please inquire at Art in Bloom Gallery, 484 885 3037 or grantamyn@gmail.com to view the complete series.

Janette K Hopper received her MFA from the University of Oregon and has taught in Denmark, Germany and the United States. She has the honor of receiving Fulbright grants from both the United States and Denmark to continue her work abroad with numerous solo shows in both Europe and the US.

She is known for her paintings, prints, and drawings including Sumi Ink. Her works are owned by the National Park Service, multiple state collections, public & private museums, as well as municipal & private collections in both Europe and the US.

Janette K. Hopper



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