Sumi Wall Scrolls


Size: 90” x 24”  Size of Silk

Sumi Ink Paintings on Rice Paper -Mounted on Silk as Scrolls

Price: $2500 ea

These scrolls were created in Basin Montana where I was an artist in resident. There I concentrated on making a small sumi painting a day. I was there for the month of July. At the end of the experience I created two large long sumi ink paintings which you see here. The ink is brushed on with bamboo brushes and the lighter washes are ink diluted with water. The rice paper is very difficult as the ink is harder to control than on regular paper but also offers the beautiful running and blurring effects. It is a true meditation in nature and art to create such work as it takes immense skill and concentration. These large sumi’s on rice paper were mounted on silk in the classical traditional manner of the Chinese and Japanese in a shop in New York City.