About Carlos Flowers – Guest Photographer

Artist Statement

“They are examples of photography’s true gift, the power to immortalize moments that transcend the passing of time.” -Peter Fetterman 

Life is nothing but an infinite amount of moments that are in constant motion. Unfortunately it’s quite impossible to remember it all. My camera is my greatest tool because with it I’m able to collect and store passing moments that become memories to later reminisce. It gives me great honor to share those with you. Moments. 

Artist Biography

Carlos Flores is a contemporary photographer and filmmaker who was born in El Salvador and immigrated to the United States at the early age of two. In 2017, he discovered his passion for film photography. Ever since then, Carlos has been passionate about capturing moments to show the world what he sees through his lens.

His photography has been displayed at The ArtWorks Gallery Verrazzano, Gravity Records, Leland Cultural Arts Center, Leland Town Hall, Arts on Fire, and Art in Bloom Gallery.