About Carole Osman – Painter, Printmaking, and Pastels

Born in New York City, Carole Osman has been drawing and painting since she was able to hold a pencil and paintbrush in her hand.  Her foray into a 4th grade painting class forced her removal from kindergarten, but did not dampen her enthusiasm for art or education.

She earned a degree in Art Education at State University College at Buffalo, NY.  While there she initiated a 2-year independent study of wood block printing with master print maker Frank Eckmair.  During this time she became interested in the writings of Walt Whitman and T.S. Elliot and began writing her own poetry. Inspired by Whitman she enrolled in a typesetting course. The end result being a hand bound, hand printed limited, hardcover edition of her prints and poetry “In Silence Shed” which was exhibited at the Chrysler Museum, Provincetown, MA and her one person show at The Village Gallery, Croton-on-Hudson, NY.

After graduation she began 40 plus years as an Art and Language Arts Educator in public, private and Department of Defense Dependent Schools.  Through this work she was able to continue growing and sharing her interest and experience in the written and visual arts while providing an income to support herself and her two children.

In 1998 she entered Parsons School of Design and Bank Street Graduate College of Education, a dual degree program, where she studied art administration, illustration, printmaking, and painting.  While living in South Korea, she studied Chinese/Korean style brush painting and after moving to Japan she studied the Art of Japanese Tea and ZaZen.

Carole has lived, taught and created art in Westchester and Sullivan Counties, NY; Wilmington, NC; Taos, NM; Florida; the Virgin Islands, South Korea; Japan; Turkey and Germany.  After 23 years of living, traveling, teaching and exhibiting her work overseas, she retired in 2014 to return to Wilmington, NC where she has owned a home in the downtown historic district since 1992.

Her work has been exhibited at a variety of shows in New York, Taos, NM; South Korea, Japan, and Germany and is in the permanent collections of art lovers around the world.

About her work Carole says, “When I paint I try to capture the essential cause of my interest in the subject or the causation of my attachment.” Whether in the studio or plein air, her entire life experience has contributed to how she sees the world around her.  When seeing connects to her heart and soul, she is moved to put it onto paper or canvas.

The resulting work is the positive and negative spaces that make the whole exist.