About Helen Lewis – Encaustic Painter

Helen Lewis concentrates her fine art in the areas of encaustic, cold wax and oil, and mixed-media collage.  In addition to Art In Bloom Gallery, she is represented by galleries in coastal Maine and along the shores of Lake Michigan in Door County, Wisconsin and Michigan as well as in Roswell, Georgia.

Her art is in private collections across the United States.

Helen has been featured in several magazines and publications and her collage work is included in the book, The Art of Expressive Collage, by Crystal Neubauer.  She graduated from the University of Mount Union with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and has loved artistic expression since early childhood when she began studying and painting in oils.

Wilmington, North Carolina Star News writer, Justin Lacy, describes Helen’s work, “the process is organic and intuitive, the results are very natural, like the embodiment of emotion.”  View art via Helen’s website at http://www.helenlewisart.com.

Artist Statement

I am fascinated with texture, patina, old script, typography and ephemera that speak of the passage of time. Weathered aging brick, peeling paint, lichens and moss on rocks are all intriguing and beautiful to me.  These elements and marks made beautiful by human hands and by nature frequently inspire my artwork.  My art hints at layers and invites the viewer deeper.  I particularly love the luminous qualities and depth of layers that emerge with encaustic painting.

My creative process is an extension of my contemplative nature. In creating, I work to follow the intuitive nudges I sense within my spirit. In essence, I am invited deeper and I seek to reflect that invitation through my art. My hope is that my art conveys a quality of peace and serenity and that it brings more light into your heart and life.