About Jennifer Mace – Guest Photographer

Artist Statement

Coming out of Covid and constant care for my father Alzheimer’s has made me reflect on my past. Travel and seeing the beauty in nature is something that was impressed on me early. This collection of images serves as symbols of my life. They represent locations, events and experiences from my life that have been embedded in my mind, they instantly take me back to happy times. Working on these allowed me to separate the stress of my daily life and find a new path for my artwork.

I hope you find some connection to these spaces as well.

Artist Biography

I received my BFA in Photography from Colorado State University in 1994 and my MFA in Photography from James Madison University in 2003. I moved to Wilmington in the summer of 2008 where I’ve been teaching photography at Cape Fear Community College. Over the years I have created several different bodies of work. I work with the film process and digital photography just as often. In the last decade as there are advances with technology, I find myself turning away from that progress. This collection of images was shot with medium format black and white film.