About Liz Hosier – Painter

Growing up in rural western North Carolina near Asheville, neighbors were distant, and
“playmates” had to be “bused” to our home. I found this happy circumstance during my
formative years presented me with countless hours with which to entertain myself.
Drawing and other creative endeavors, as well as exploring our woodland environs, were
my pastimes. Although I had no formal art training, I was nurtured by both elementary and
grammar school teachers who recognized my insatiable appetite for art. By high school,
however, my left-brain began crowding out the right-brain as I became more interested in
math and science. Yet, even then, I always found a way to turn a science project into a
science-art project. I finished college with a BS in Mathematics and became an Information
Technology professional.

I began oil painting in my twenties, taking lessons from Pearl Sheldrick, a well-known artist
and art educator in Asheville at the time. Pearl first introduced me to color–how to use it
and how to look at it in a different way. My use of color continues to reflect back upon
these early lessons; she has been a major influence in my lifelong fascination with color.
In the mid-80s, I moved to Wilmington where I married Paul Hosier, continued my career
in IT at UNCW, and pursued my MBA. I began studying Art History and taking Art Studio
courses at UNCW in the mid-90s as my work schedule allowed. When the opportunity to
retire presented itself in 2008, I knew immediately what retirement would mean to me. I
would have time for my art – and so I have.

My painting abruptly changed after a trip to Italy in 2010. I found myself moving away
from realism into abstract painting. Today, I work in a variety of media including encaustic,
oil and mixed media, and acrylics.

I currently have a studio at Acme Art Studios and am represented at Visions Gallery in
Morehead City. I am a member of Diverse Works, a group of seven talented women who
work in a variety of media, both 2-D and 3-D, and show regularly together.