About Lori Joy Peterson – Painter

Artist Statement

The goal of my artwork is to express movement and emotion.  I spend 80% of my time planning my panting before I actually put the paint on the canvas. I usually plan out what the painting will be on my tablet or on paper before committing to canvas. Sometimes I just go in if I am confident in an idea. The back ground  of my painting and the beginning stages are just as important as the figures that I place on my paintings. I paint with music and that allows me to get energy into my paintings. I am drawn to bold and vivid colors because I want the viewer to see excitement.  More of her work can be see on her website: ljpfineart.yolasite.com

Artist Biography

Lori Joy Peterson is from the Wilmington, NC area by way of East Orange, NJ. Her paintings capture movement and energy and she is drawn to bold vivid color.

She started painting as an emotional outlet and that emotion is the core of her artwork.  She has been called an intuitive painter. This is an apt statement because when she paints she makes decisions by gut feelings and what feels and looks right.

This is style is not haphazard, because Lori has a strong watercolor painting background and she plans and thinks about what goes onto the canvas before committing to a painting no matter the medium. Painting to her is like working a jigsaw puzzle. She keeps working on it until what is on canvas matches what mentally is the finished product.