About Mae Klinger – Fine Art Prints

Mae Klinger is an artist living in Massachusetts.  She studied sculpture and literature at Wesleyan University, and education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Artist Statement:

These days I make prints, photographs, and watercolor paintings.  I find joy in the process of creating and am motivated by trying to capture what I see in my mind’s eye.

The blue photographs are cyanotype sun prints, an alternative photography process that uses UV light to develop paper treated with a chemical solution. I was drawn to sun printing as a way to experiment with digital negatives and fell in love with the mysterious blues, the potential for dream-like images, and the role of the sun in developing the prints.

The wing drawings combine pen, ink, watercolor, gouache, and gold-leaf.  To me, the pen, ink, and watercolor feel like sketch media, while the gouache and gold-leaf represent more traditional techniques.  By combining these I try to marry the looseness and freedom of the sketch media with some of the devotion and patience of the traditional media.