About Nathan Ryan Verwey – Artist

Verwey is tall, dark and handsome with a hint of danger, a man with the appeal of a jaguar, with a plume of umber hair above deep brown eyes and worn Converse All-Stars. He’s from Wisconsin, originally, and came to Wilmington to pursue acting in 2007. That’s when he started painting, using an easel kit his father gave him as a Christmas gift. He “got serious” about painting five years later, the first time he painted on a wall that the public would actually see. But he’s been a creator for as long as he can remember. For him, creation is a space of peace and stillness, somewhere he can escape his own constantly racing mind. He is a happier person when he works every day.

Artist’s Statement

“My art is always about juxtaposed tension and chaos.  These two elemental forces of nature are the main foundation, not only in art, but in the universe as a whole. My goal in making art is to captivate an audience using these elements to form an aesthetic beauty that provokes thought or feelings in the viewer. To place my energy into an object, store it and have it attach to an outside participant due to the viewing is my overall objective. I limit myself from extensive thought while creating to allow the art work to flow through me and with it, capture chaos; in doing so I have contributed to the overall energy spectrum. Art and life are about energy.”