About WAZgriffin – Guest Photographer

Visual INTROspection is WAZ’s first show at Art in Bloom. The show features images meant to evoke self reflection, challenge the viewer, and inspire an emotional response. Some will experience amusement at a gathering of ballerinas, warmth watching a young girl dance on the beach, or amazement at a swarm of bees eight inches long. Whatever the reaction, the desire is that the viewer has enjoyed a moment of contemplation through these images.

WAZgriffin has more than forty years experience as a photographer. A graduate of the University of South Carolina, where he studied photojournalism, television production, and media arts, WAZ has worked both in California and North Carolina as a teacher, teaching computer literacy, photography, and video production. His work has won numerous awards both nationally, locally, and internationally through shows and competitions. He lives in Wilmington, NC.