About William Overman – Assemblage and Sculpture

Assemblage & Sculpture


My art work often reflects some degree of humor through the unlikely marriage of materials, often salvaged. Many pieces are ironic while others may be contentious and provocative. Some express light- hearted parody and some are simply visual nonsense. The medium ranges from drawing, painting, 3-D assemblages and glass mosaic.  My interest in glass probably originated in childhood while reluctantly sitting in Rosemary Baptist Church looking at the stained-glass windows rather than listening to the sermon. The glass work evolved from the traditional copper foil technique to glass mosaics mounted on opaque surfaces which allows the item to be placed on a wall rather than obscure windows. I cannot say where the ideas for my work originate. Some occur spontaneously and some pop in to my head when experiencing specific events like eating, reading, watching a movie, or walking through stores and galleries.