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Nancy Noel May – Guest Fiber Artist

2015 was a year of changes for Nancy.  After managing art galleries for over 20 years, she decided to retire to explore new opportunities. Nancy has expanded from painting exclusively in acrylics to experimenting with gouache, encaustic and oil with cold wax. She is now working in fiber art with corded stitch vessels. New chapter, new beginnings, always seeking…”live the life you dream”.

Award winning artist, Nancy Noel May has always loved to paint, starting with formal lessons as a young child in Hampton, VA.  The coastal influences of color and scenery have been with her from the start, having grown up in a small community on the Chesapeake Bay.

Nancy continued her studies with a degree in Art Education from Towson University in 1975. Her college education, along with numerous other courses and workshops, have given Nancy a varied and exciting background in different techniques and styles of expression.

Clear, vibrant colors and a strong source of light are the prime elements of her paintings.  In 2004 Nancy returned to acrylics after a long stint with oils, finding the quicker drying time forces her to be more spontaneous in her work.

A love of travel has lead Nancy to explore ways of packing her equipment to create plein air paintings, and she never travels without a camera and sketchbook to record her experiences.  Bringing back images to her studio helps to relive her travels through paintings. Moving to Wilmington, NC in 1984 brought Nancy back to the coastal influences with which she started. The easy going style, clarity of light and color continues to be a significant reminder that she is essentially a sea-level woman.

Emerald Estock – Photographer and Weaver

I was born in the small town of Oneida, TN. After being adopted, I grew up in the Nashville/Franklin area.  I’ve had some hearing loss since childhood and developed moderately severe tinnitus so having art as a focus has been very helpful way to cope with that 24/7 condition.

I was drawn to art from an early age. My second-grade teacher noted “he often becomes too involved in his art to keep his desk in a workable condition.” My studio space today is about the same. I enjoyed ceramics and oil painting in high school before I discovered my visual voice in photography. I continued to pursue photography in college, particularly printing.

Mostly self-taught, I read Ansel Adam’s books and looked for workshops to pick up more skills. I studied fine art printing with John Sexton and Craig Stevens, nature photography with John Shaw, and platinum printing with Sal Lopes. I like to travel and try to combine photography and travel whenever possible, especially hiking.

After 35 years of photography, I took a break. I studied basket weaving with Susan Laswell (Heartsong Baskets) and thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. I also got hearing aids.  Adjusting to hearing aids and coming off the trail after five and a half months, were both important experiences for me. I was astonished with how busy the world is, how fractured our attention. All these endeavors recharged my creativity and influenced the direction of my art.

I returned to photography intrigued with uniting the tactile elements of basket weaving with my photographic prints. The added dimension invites the viewer into the image. I strive to instill a peacefulness in each piece. Nature photography is my primary source of inspiration, but shapes, texture, and light interplay in many places, majestic and ordinary. My images and baskets serve as meditation points, a way for the viewer to bring some contemplation and focus into their day.


I have always been an experiential learner with a passion for photography.

The photographic print has been my visual voice and I’ve explored multiple alternative printing processes, over the years including platinum and hand made substrates. I enjoy doing my own printing.

Creating an expressive print is both challenging and rewarding.

I began weaving as a break from photography, but soon found I wanted to bring the tactile quality of weaving to my photographs.

In my latest body of work, I am exploring the creative potential of woven images. I feel the woven texture helps engage the viewer, and draws them deeper into the image.

Sunday, January 1st, 2017
Artist, Online Artist, Photography, Weaving