Exhibit Date :: Extended Dates!
Now on view until September 28, 2021
Featured at 820 Town Center Drive in Mayfaire Shopping Center & Online
“Start With The Eyes: Elizabeth Darrow and Friends” Mayfaire Shopping Center & Online

Join us for a look at the new work of Wilmington’s own, Elizabeth Darrow. “Start with the Eyes” will be exhibited at 820 Town Center Drive in Mayfaire Shopping Center near Wrightsville Beach and will be open to the public in this pop-up show.

This exhibit features a selection of work fresh out of the artist’s studio. The art includes Elizabeth’s figurative work and abstract expressionist works. In addition to Elizabeth Darrow’s new art, view new art by artists, Bob Bryden, Debra Bucci, Richard Bunting, Bradley Carter, Judy Hintz Cox, Jeri Greenberg, Joan McLoughlin, H.M. Saffer, and Kirah Van Sickle, along with ceramic artists Brian EvansDianne Evans and Traudi Thornton.

The exhibit will be on view until Tuesday, September 28, 2021.  Regular hours are noon to 6pm, Monday-Saturday and noon to 4pm, Sunday.

Elizabeth Darrow has made Wilmington her home since 1977. She works in a variety of styles depending on her medium, but usually does not work “from life” in the traditional sense. Most of the imagery that comes to her seems to hatch of its own accord, emerging from the process. Darrow enjoys working with color, repeating patterns and embedding humor (and angst) into her work. Each piece takes her on a journey of discovery where she hopes to lose herself to the process.