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Studio Views – Barbara Snyder – Photographer & Artist

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June 17th, 2020

“The world went silent, a storm was brewing, greater than anything anyone could comprehend, invisible and deadly.   My heart is heavy for all souls the world has lost.

Each morning upon entering my studio I was compelled to note the death count from the previous day.

I scanned an image from a prayer cloth I brought back from Laos, reproduced this image 48 times on a page and then cut them into individual rectangles. Each day I record the date on the back and the number of souls lost on the front then offer a prayer.  This little ritual has helped to take away the weight and sadness and lets me proceed with my day.

I am fortunate to be working from home with a virtual office and zoom.  Without all the daily disruptions at my work desk I am quite energized transitioning to my studio each evening and find myself thoughtfully productive.

Stay well and be wise.”