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Studio Views – Bradley Carter – Painter

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June 22nd, 2020

I have struggled and contemplated over writing this. I have lost count on how many versions I have written, but tomorrow will always be the same if we don’t change today.

Covid-19 has pulled the emergency brake on the year of 2020, and as the smell of rubber and smoke start to clear we are trying to find out what life is going to be like going forward and how soon we can be “normal”. So far, our best hope feels like leaving it in neutral and coasting forward until we understand more. But regardless of how fast or slow we move it will continue to be a difficult time for all of us this year. We need to stay united, support each other and our community as we overcome this unprecedented challenge that affects us all.

As a full-time artist, it has been a difficult couple of months for me to stay focused, passionate, and be inspired to create something that I hope is honest and beautiful. You would think, it would be open season on creating with no reasons to leave the studio. For me it has been difficult between the unknown of the disease and craziness of Covid-19, to the financial impacts for not just my profession but our shared community. It makes you continue to pump the brakes. Also, the personal aspect of mental fatigue and health have been a big stumbling block for me as I pride myself on passion and emotion playing a big part in my Abstract Expressionism; creating paintings fueled by my emotion, inspiration, and feelings. But it’s a double-edged sword. One could say that the same emotions can fight you every day and hold you at bay from doing what you love. But I’m starting to see moments again, inspiration in the world, and a purpose to create. I hope others are also.

The break in painting has allowed me a fresh perspective to my approach and the meaning behind what I create. I am starting to get the “kid on Christmas feeling” about what is coming, and I can’t wait to see how it all translates to the canvas. I am trying to integrate different styles and mediums, allowing current series to evolve, and finding the passion to push paintings in new directions. Sometimes, it is the vulnerability to our surroundings that allows us new perspectives and the chance to grow. Much Love and cover your walls in Moments and Dreams!