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Established in October 2015, Art in Bloom Gallery is a crossroad for creativity and other connections that happen when people explore art and exchange ideas.  The art gallery is both global and local by providing virtual space via technology as well as physical space in a renovated 19th century horse stable in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina in the United States.

The gallery presents original paintings, drawings, sculpture, blown glass, photography, mobiles, jewelry, and ceramics with an emphasis on global and local artists.  See the “Artists” area of this website to learn more about artists contributing to Art in Bloom Gallery.

A marble sculpture, “Wind”, by Wendy Zhang and Junhua Cheng is currently exhibited in the 500 square foot courtyard at the back of the building as part of the Pedestrian Art Program organized by the Arts Council of Wilmington and New Hanover County.  Sculptor, Dumay Gorham, created the courtyard gate and is showing a metal sculpture, “Mr. Fox” in the courtyard.  Herb Bailey of Urban Building Corporation built a brick fence and a bench incorporating 18th century ballast stones found in the dirt under the floor boards during the renovation of the building.