Current Exhibits

“Jewish Art: Diverse Cultures” Exhibit as part of the Wilmington Jewish Film Festival
April 22 - May 6, 2018
Thursday, April 19, 6-8pm - Special Reception and Preview

“Stairway to Temple Israel,” Black and White Photography by David Klinger

Cinematic artistic expression is a key element of the Wilmington Jewish Film Festival. Now that aspect is being expanded with an affiliated art exhibit, “Jewish Art: Diverse Cultures. Original art will be on view and for sale at Art in Bloom Gallery from April 22nd – May 6th, with pop-up exhibits at Thalian Hall on Sundays and Mondays during the film festival.

This community project is sponsored by the film festival for the first time with guest curator, Amy Grant, owner of Art in Bloom Gallery, 210 Princess St. in historic downtown Wilmington. Artists of all religions and beliefs were encouraged to submit original art for the exhibit. The artwork that will be exhibited was chosen to encourage and expand the understanding of Jewish culture and art. Each artist was encouraged to express his or her own interpretation of this theme, “Jewish Art: Diverse Cultures,” so the art exhibit will reflect different points of view.

Click here for artwork and more details. 

All proceeds from art sales will benefit the non-profit Wilmington Jewish Film Festival and contributing artists.

The Wilmington Jewish Film Festival has as its primary mission the presentation of films with Jewish content to advance and share common interests within the Jewish community and at the same time share Jewish heritage with the general public.


“Ink on Paper by Bob Bryden” & “Photographic Reflections by Harold Hodges”
March 16 - April 28, 2018
Friday, March 23, 6-9pm - Opening Reception & Fourth Friday
Friday, April 27, 6-8pm - Closing Reception & Fourth Friday

Bob Bryden, “Untitled No. 1″, Printing ink on paper, 16″ x 16”


“Ink on Paper by Bob Bryden” & “Photographic Reflections by Harold Hodges” is a new exhibit combining the work of two artists working in two very different media.

Join us for the opening reception on Friday, March 23rd from 6-9pm during Downtown Wilmington’s Fourth Friday.  Visit with the artists and enjoy refreshments with live music by Rebekah Todd.

Ink on Paper by Bob Bryden

Bob Bryden’s work exists comfortably within the traditions of minimalism and optical art. Utilizing the simple elements of point, line and plane he creates abstract images which are highly structured and concise while at the same time are optically active and visually illusive. The perceptual experience of his work involves the interaction of seeing and understanding and is directly related to how vision functions.

Bob Byrden grew up in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. He is a graduate of Guilford College in Greensboro, NC. He went on to do graduate work in South Asian art history at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. His desire for a greater involvement with creative arts lead to Kentucky and graduate work at the University of Louisville where he received a Masters Degree in Art with a concentration in printmaking. In addition to art he has worked primarily in graphic design and commercial printing. Today he pursues his creative endeavors in his swamp side home/studio in Wilmington, NC.

Photographic Reflections by Harold Hodges

Harold Hodges “Grass Whispers” Photography 14″ x 11″

The palette, from which all perception is formed, is not made of a bright spectrum of pigments and light, it is a palette filled with all the feelings and emotions people have toward all things. The perception a person has of things that are before him or her will ultimately be manifested from the palette of whatever media they choose to amplify the feelings and emotion they have toward the subject they have chosen.This is not by choice but it is the process of that which is truth finding light that gives vision to others of those things we see. All things of earth are of equal worth and beauty. Our perception is skewed by all our feelings good and bad. It is a wonderful life when we can see how beautiful our life is and recognize that much of the bad and negative is perception of our own mind. This earth, this life, have provided us with the broadest and most wondrous palette of imagery the universe has to offer. Rejoice, seize each moment, let not one get away from you. ~ Harold Hodges

Harold Hodges is a photographer, living and working in Wilmington, NC.

Current Exhibits at Satellite Venues

Enjoy the Fine Art of Dining! View our current exhibits at our Satellite Venues. 

“Between You and Me: Bradley Carter” at The District
January 24 - May 21, 2018

“Because of You” Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 24″

Dine at The District Kitchen and Cocktails  to view the new exhibit of abstract expressionist paintings of Bradley Carter.

About the Exhibit
Forgotten by the days or misplaced by convenience, who we want to be becomes diluted by who we’ve become to be. My art has no reprieve from the confines of its history and journey. It is in this direct opposition that I create based on moments, that singular moment of individualism and freedom. When color carries history, lines dance loosely, and texture tells a story that only you can transcribe. In this moment the possibilities excel, limitations become irrelevant, and being who you want to be becomes who you are. Life and Art happens fast and rarely ever completed in the way you imagined, so capture the colors, dance loosely, and memorize the moments. Much love and enjoy the show.     – Bradley Carter

American Artist, Bradley Carter, is an award winning, international selling artist who grew up pursuing his passion for art in Virginia before moving to the North Carolina in 2007, where he currently resides in Wilmington, NC. He predominately works in the medium of painting with his passion in Abstract Expressionism, but his works also include collage, paint skins, and furniture.

Click here to view a selection of works that will be located at The District Restaurant. 

The District is located at 1001 N. 4th Street in Wilmington, NC.

“Ordinary Beauty, Closely Observed: Scanographs by Susan Francy”
February 7 - June 11, 2018
February 8, 6-8pm Champagne Toast & Reception

“Bok Choy Tulip” Limited Edition Scanograph

Dine at Platypus & Gnome Restaurant  to view the photography and scanography of Susan Francy.  

Susan Francy has been a photojournalist, commercial photographer and art photographer for more than 35 years.  The overall theme of her art images could be described as “ordinary beauty, closely observed.” These images are often from nature and although they are focused on still life subjects, there is a dynamic sense of movement and emotionalism in them. In recent years Susan has been playing around with scanning objects, as opposed to photographing them.

This exhibit is in partnership with CHECKER CAB productions.
The reception is free and open to the public. Please call 910-769-9300 for dinner reservations.

Platypus and Gnome is located at 9 South Front Street in Wilmington, NC.

Click Here to view a selection of works on view at Platypus & Gnome Restaurant.


“Art Explosions” by Jeffery Geller at Waterline Brewing Co.
March 13 - April 9, 2018
Wednesday, March 14, 2018 6-8pm - Wine At Waterline & Artist Showcase
36x15", $320.00

“Water in the Soul,” Mixed media on paper, 36″ x 15″

Waterline Brewing Co. and Art in Bloom Gallery present “Wine at Waterline” and Art Showcase with painter, Jeffery Geller.  Join us at Waterline Brewing Co. on Wednesday, March 14th from 6-8pm for a free wine and cheese tasting with live music by TK!

Jeffery Geller creates outside-of-the-box art including original art with paper, paint, wood, and often found objects. Experience shadow boxes and art explosions outside of shadow boxes. View mixed-media collages and paintings.

Waterline Brewing Co. is located at 721 Surry Street in Wilmington, NC.




“Water & Sky: Paintings by Janette K Hopper”
March 6 - June 4, 2018
March 21, 2018 6-8pm Champagne Toast & Reception

“Sea & Sky” Oil on canvas, 36″ x 24″

Join us for a champagne toast and special reception at Pinpoint Restaurant to celebrate the captivating paintings of artist, Janette K Hopper and our partnership with CHECKER CAB productions and local restaurants.  Enjoy the Fine Art of Dining!

We will celebrate on March 21st from 6-8pm with a champagne toast and special reception for the artist.  Appetizers are complimentary and the event is free and open to the public. Please call 910-769-2972 for dinner reservations.

About the Exhibit
Hopper’s paintings, featured in this exhibit, strives to capture the senses of “Water & Sky”.  The feel of a breeze and the unique smells are communicated through the captivating  brushwork, the fluidity of the paint, use of striking color, nuanced luminosity and intriguing compositions. Hopper states:  These sky and water paintings are inspired directly by my experiences observing nature while on trips and around home. They capture my intimate feelings of a place, often using dramatic skies and reflective waters, taking one on a journey through space and time to where one was once and longs to be again. The Romantic tradition of panoramic painting that expresses the artist’s inner emotions and the sublime, can be seen and felt strongly throughout this show.

Artist, Janette K Hopper, received her MFA from the University of Oregon and has taught in Denmark, Germany and the United States.  She has the honor of receiving prestigious Fulbright grants from both the United States and Denmark to continue her work abroad with numerous solo shows in both Europe and the US.  In 2017 she was named a “Woman to Watch” in the arts by WILMA Magazine and is the 2018 Azalea Festival Art Show Juror and Judge.

PinPoint is located at 114 Market Street in Wilmington, NC.