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Current Exhibits

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“Start With The Eyes: Elizabeth Darrow and Friends” Mayfaire Shopping Center & Online
Extended Dates!
Now on view until September 28, 2021
Featured at 820 Town Center Drive in Mayfaire Shopping Center & Online

Join us for a look at the new work of Wilmington’s own, Elizabeth Darrow. “Start with the Eyes” will be exhibited at 820 Town Center Drive in Mayfaire Shopping Center near Wrightsville Beach and will be open to the public in this pop-up show.

This exhibit features a selection of work fresh out of the artist’s studio. The art includes Elizabeth’s figurative work and abstract expressionist works. In addition to Elizabeth Darrow’s new art, view new art by artists, Bob Bryden, Debra Bucci, Richard Bunting, Bradley Carter, Judy Hintz Cox, Jeri Greenberg, Joan McLoughlin, H.M. Saffer, and Kirah Van Sickle, along with ceramic artists Brian EvansDianne Evans and Traudi Thornton.

The exhibit will be on view until Tuesday, September 28, 2021.  Regular hours are noon to 6pm, Monday-Saturday and noon to 4pm, Sunday.

Elizabeth Darrow has made Wilmington her home since 1977. She works in a variety of styles depending on her medium, but usually does not work “from life” in the traditional sense. Most of the imagery that comes to her seems to hatch of its own accord, emerging from the process. Darrow enjoys working with color, repeating patterns and embedding humor (and angst) into her work. Each piece takes her on a journey of discovery where she hopes to lose herself to the process.

Stay tuned for more details and to preview the work that will be featured in the exhibit.

“Birdsong: Helen Mirkil”
September 24 – November 7, 2021
In Gallery & Online

“Squirrel’s Nest” by Helen Mirkil

Birdsong features the work of artist, Helen Mirkil alongside Kelly Starbuck‘s photographic works in Full Circle.

Birdsong is a continuing series of art by artist, Helen Mirkil. Birds can put a song in our hearts when there’s no song to be found. Each bird species is entirely different, and for Helen each journey into the world of birds is different too.  She never quite knows where it’s leading her. It’s not unlike the life of following and listening to the music of the Holy Spirit.

Born in 1952, Helen Mirkil is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) Certificate and MFA programs, as well as the BFA program of the University of  Pennsylvania (with studio classes at PAFA). Helen is also a poet. Her collection of poems entitled Sower on the Cliffs: poems and drawings was published in 2013 by BookArts Press. Helen’s home is in Wilmington, North Carolina. Along with a spacious studio across town, she is setting down roots, enjoying her children and grandchildren.

The exhibit opens on Friday, September 24 and continues through November 7, 2021.


“Full Circle: Photography by Kelly Starbuck”
September 24 – November 7, 2021
In Gallery & Online

“Harbor Island” by Kelly Starbuck

Full Circle features the photographic of Kelly Starbuck alongside the paintings of artist and poet, Helen Mirkil, in her featured show Birdsong.

Deeply inspired by memories, documentation and the feeling of a specific moment, Kelly’s personal work seeks to capture a sense of time and space by playing with light and shadow. Growing up in Wrightsville Beach, then experiencing the intensity of New York City, her latest collection honors her relationship with both nature and city life. “New York is where I became a photographer. This exhibit is all about utilizing the energy of the city, the bright lights and connecting it to where I am now, back at my roots, back at the beach,” explains Starbuck.

Kelly Starbuck, a native of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, moved to New York City where she resided for 14 years. During those years Kelly found her calling to become a photographer. Fernando Bengoechea, an international celebrity, interior and lifestyle photographer gave Kelly her start as his studio manager. She assisted on photo shoots and worked as a teaching assistant at The International Center of Photography. Kelly began her work as a photographer soon thereafter with a focus on portraiture, interior, product, travel and lifestyle projects as well as personal fine art projects. At the end of 2009, Kelly returned to Wilmington, NC to be near her family at the beach and to make Wilmington her home base for business. Starbuck made her mark in the Wilmington art community by curating fine art photography shows at her gallery, SALT Studio Photography, in the Brooklyn Arts District.

The exhibit opens on Friday, September 24 and continues through November 7, 2021.


Window Display
Ongoing - 2021

Art in Bloom Gallery enjoys our constantly evolving window display! Our inviting window will inspire your senses with  delightful works of art by Brian Evans, Joanne Geisel, Joan McLoughlin,  Karen Paden Crouch and Kirah Van Sickle!

All of the artwork is available for sale.

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Current Exhibits at Satellite Venues

View our current exhibits at our Satellite Venues. 

Debra Bucci Paintings at True Blue Butcher & Table Restaurant
Ongoing Exhibit

Announcing a new partnership between True Blue Butcher & Table Restaurant, Debra Bucci Fine Art and Art in Bloom Gallery!

True Blue, a local restaurant in Wilmington, NC, invited Debra to create and display a collection of her large abstract art in their dining room. The paintings are for sale and can viewed in the restaurant and online.  Preview the work here!

True Blue Butcher and Table Restaurant
1125 Military Cutoff Road, Wilmington, NC 28405