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Current Exhibits

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“Artistic Photography: Frank Fierstein”
December 11, 2020 – January 24, 2021

“Out of the Mist”

This month’s photography feature is focused on artistic photographer, Frank Fierstein. The exhibit opens on Friday, December 11 and and continues through January 24, 2021.

A friend of  Frank’s, a world renowned doctor of pharmacology, once asked him a question with regards to his artistic photography; “What is your purpose?“. For decades, Frank has tried to understand, answer and pursue what that purpose has been. “To visually see my feelings in images, that represent myself as a child and young adult, has given me a  better connection, a deeper understanding, and a clearer meaning  in my personal life. Even as I have become a photography dinosaur, still working in my “chemical darkroom” and still using film for all of my artistic work, I continue to seek images that represent and connect with my heart and soul. Making prints that emit light from the silver they are made from is as important today as it ever was in this digital age of ink and sensors. After being given clear guidance by a great teacher about creating art with my photography, my artistic quest to find wonderful images has never ceased and to this day remains amazingly strong.”  Currently, Frank teaches a class in Artistic Photography at Brunswick Community College, where he encourages his students to connect with who they are through their own photography.

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“The Holiday Art Exhibit + Sale” Featuring Art in Bloom Gallery Artists
November 16, 2020 - January 24, 2021

The 2020 Holiday Season is here and Art in Bloom Gallery is celebrating with a rotating exhibit featuring over 28 of Art in Bloom Gallery’s Artists!  Feast your eyes on new work directly out of the artists’ studios. Shop for meaningful, original and special gifts of art that will bring smiles all year round!  All of our artists are offering fine art under $250.

The gallery is open Monday – Friday 10am-4pm and Saturday 11am-4pm.  If you prefer to shop from home the Art in Bloom Gallery Website (www.aibgallery.com) is always open!  Purchase art online and pick up at the door or take advantage of our free local delivery.  Plus we can also ship anywhere within the U.S. Art in Bloom also offers complementary gift wrapping.

Click here to view the work that will be featured in the exhibit.

Featured artists include:  Bradley Carter (painting), Debra Bucci (painting), Richard Bunting (blown glass), Judy Hintz Cox (abstract painter), Karen Paden Crouch (sculpture), Elizabeth Darrow (painting), Brian Evans (ceramics), Dianne Evans (ceramics), Susan Francy (photographer), Mark Gansor (painter), Joanne Geisel (painting), Dumay Gorham (sculpture), Jeri Greenberg (pastel artist), Liz Hosier (encaustic painter), Curtis Krueger (photographer), Dave Klinger (photography), Brooks Koff (stained glass), Helen Lewis (encaustic painter),  Joan McLoughlin (painting), David Norris (printmaker),  Jameka Purdie (jewelry), Jessie Robertson (painter), Gale Smith (painter), Barbara Snyder (photographer),  Traudi Thornton (ceramics), Gayle Tustin (ceramics), Angela Rowe (painter),  Michael Van Hout (sculpture), Kirah Van Sickle (painter), Roberto Vengoechea (jewelry), Virginia Wright-Frierson (painter), Rebecca Yeomans (fiber artist), among others! 


“Tributaries of Abstraction: Art by Dick Roberts” at ACME Art Studios
November 22, 2020 - January 29, 2021

Photography by William Fridrich

Art in Bloom Gallery is excited to partner with Dick Roberts of Acme Art Studios to open a new exhibit, “Tributaries of Abstraction”.  The exhibit, opening on November 22nd, showcases Dick’s paintings.

Regarding the works in this exhibit, Dick states “The paintings are about the act of painting. Although individually the paintings possess different intensities, opposing levels of complexity and abstraction, and perhaps a vague adherence to a narrative, the core of the process of painting remains consistent. The paintings are a reflection of the process of painting them. Every process is unique.  The magic of painting can never be totally explained. I find joy in discovering the emerging world of a new painting. Although harmony of the mind and the heart is important, the metabolic process of converting color, form and line into the forces that drive the painting is absolutely necessary.”

Dick Roberts is an artist and poet with his studio located at Acme Art Studios (Wilmington, NC) which he co-founded in 1991, as a work and exhibition space for artists. He also co-founded No Boundaries International Art Colony (Bald Head Island, NC) in 1998, a residency program that in the last twenty years brought over 200 artists from around the world with the goal of creating a cross-exchange of cultures and artistic practices to share with our local community.

The exhibit is now on exhibit at Acme Art Studios and can be viewed in person, online, or via our Virtual Tour.

Click here to view the work that will be featured in the exhibit.

Art in Bloom Gallery will host dates for Client Visits, as well as appointments at Acme Art Studios.  These dates will be announced closer to the exhibit.  Client visits to Acme Art Studios will be limited to three people at a time and hosted by the artist. Masks will be mandatory.  To view and purchase the art in-person, an appointment can be made by calling 484-885-3037. Acme Art Studios is located at 711 N 5th Ave, Wilmington, North Carolina 28401.  The exhibit can also be viewed virtually on the web at https://aibgallery.com/artist/dick-roberts/ and  virtually on the web with a virtual tour created by Angle Pros, LLC of Wilmington.

Art in Bloom Gallery offers free local delivery, curbside pick-up or shipping to other locations at reasonable rates.

“Holly Jolly Wilmington” Window Display
December 2020

Our newest storefront display is a part of the Downtown Window Decorating Contest for Holly Jolly Wilmington!

Our theme for this year is “Growth” honoring our roots and celebrating the old year in order to bring in the new.

Windows throughout the historic downtown area will light up this 2020 holiday season.  From the grand homes in the Residents of Old Wilmington District to the shops and restaurants in the festive Downtown Districts.

The Window Decorating contest is organized by the Downtown Business Alliance (DBA) that is part of the Historic Wilmington Holly Jolly Holidays.

You will find a window full of color with delightful works of art by Debra Bucci, Karen Paden Crouch, Frank Fierstein,  Mark Gansor, Joanne Geisel, Jeri Greenberg, Jennifer Johnson, Curtis Krueger, David Norris, H.M Saffer, and Kirah Van Sickle.

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Current Exhibits at Satellite Venues

View our current exhibits at our Satellite Venues. 

Debra Bucci Paintings at True Blue Butcher & Table Restaurant
Ongoing Exhibit

Announcing a new partnership between True Blue Butcher & Table Restaurant, Debra Bucci Fine Art and Art in Bloom Gallery!

True Blue, a local restaurant in Wilmington, NC, invited Debra to create and display a collection of her large abstract art in their dining room. The paintings are for sale and can viewed in the restaurant and online.  Preview the work here!

True Blue Butcher and Table Restaurant
1125 Military Cutoff Road, Wilmington, NC 28405