Current Exhibits

“Detailed Complexity: Bob Bryden, Heather Divoky & H.M. Saffer, II”
July 26 - September 1, 2019
Friday, Friday, July 26, 6-9pm - Opening Reception & Fourth Friday Reception
Friday, August 23, 6-9pm - Fourth Friday Gallery Night Reception

H. M. Saffer “Orange Clouds” Oil on canvas 20″ x 16″

“Detailed Complexity: Bob Bryden, Heather Divoky & H.M. Saffer, II” is a new exhibit where each artist focuses on finite details that make their works of art.  At first glance the works in this show seem straightforward, but, once viewed closely, the viewer is drawn into a new realm where they discover the intricate processes of the artists.  This exhibit features artist and printmaker, Bob Bryden; artist and illustrator, Heather Divoky; and painter, H.M. Saffer, II.

Join us for the opening on Friday, July 26, 6-9pm to meet the artists, hear about their processes, and enjoy refreshments and live music by pianist, Myron Harmon.

Bob Bryden’s work exists comfortably within the traditions of minimalism and optical art. Utilizing the simple elements of point, line and plane, he creates abstract images which are highly structured and concise while at the same time are optically active and visually illusive. The perceptual experience of his work involves the interaction of seeing and understanding and is directly related to how vision functions. Bob grew up in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. He is a graduate of Guilford College in Greensboro, NC. He went on to do graduate work in South Asian art history at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. His desire for a greater involvement with creative arts lead to Kentucky and graduate work at the University of Louisville where he received a Masters Degree in Art with a concentration in printmaking. In addition to art he has worked primarily in graphic design and commercial printing. Today he pursues his creative endeavors in his swamp side home/studio in Wilmington, NC.

Heather Divoky is an artist and poet living and working in Wilmington. She obtained her BA in Art History at Appalachian State University and her Masters in Arts and Culture at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Her primary concern is story-telling through great detail and color. Divoky works with marker, ink, wire, and stained glass, although she is always trying new media and techniques. She has worked in the arts as a creator, curator, historian, designer, and administrator, and her work has been shown nationally and internationally.

H.M. Saffer, II was born in Philadelphia, PA, where he launched his career by exhibiting his art at a public art show at the age of six. He has been a painter throughout his varied careers in Paris and Spain.  H.M. returned to the US in 1994. His style of painting shifted from exclusively works on paper to include oils. He began melding his Oriental influences with his Western styles in order to create new and different path towards interpersonal visual expression, and his current works are a reflection of this mélange. Currently, H.M. lives in upstate New York and his work is represented nationally and internationally.

Art of the Image ’19 Exhibit – Exhibited at Verazzanno Gallery, theArtWorks
August 2nd – September 15th, 2019
Friday, August 23rd – 6-9pm, 2019 - Fourth Friday Gallery Night

a juried photographic media competition and exhibition

Art of the Image ‘19 is a juried photography competition and exhibition designed to celebrate the medium of photography and its cultural influence by engaging the photography community with a showing of exceptional photo-based works of art.  This exhibition will feature artists working in two and three-dimensional mediums showcasing original works of art with a primary focus on the photographic medium, utilizing traditional and non-traditional processes.   This year’s juror is Beth Handler Riebe, PhD, Independent Curator and Art Consultant.

Art of the Image ‘19 will be installed and exhibited at Gallery Verrazzano, a 7200+ sq.ft., gallery and event space located in theArtWorks™ of Wilmington, NC, near downtown.  Gallery Verrazzano is a brand new home for visual and performing arts.  Art of the Image ’19 is organized by Art in Bloom Gallery and theArtWorks™.  Gallery Verrazzano is located at 200 Willard Street in Wilmington.

theArtWorks™ will have special hours to view the exhibition.  Public Hours are Fridays 11am-7pm, Saturdays 11am-5pm and Sundays Noon-5pm or by appointment.

Click here to view the work in the exhibition!

Beth Handler Riebe, PhD, Independent Curator and Art Consultant 

Beth Handler Riebe worked in the NYC art world for twenty years, with curatorial stints at The Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Yale University Art Gallery, and the Paula Cooper Gallery. She served as an art consultant to Donald B. Marron (one of ARTnews’ top 200 collectors). Beth received a BA from Oberlin College, and an MA and a PhD from Yale University, with all three degrees in art history. She is a former Trustee of the Cameron Art Museum and occasionally teaches art history at UNCW.

Handler Riebe founded LOCAL: art + ideas in 2013 in Wilmington, NC.  LOCAL is a think tank that supports art and ideas flourishing BEYOND larger metropolitan areas and cultural networks.  It promotes regional artists and introduces their work to new audiences nearby and nationally through a variety of programming, including private art viewings, site-specific installations, and temporary and online exhibitions.

Current Exhibits at Satellite Venues

Enjoy the Fine Art of Dining! View our current exhibits at our Satellite Venues. 

“TWENTY-TWO by THIRTY: From the Flat Files of Gayle Tustin” at PinPoint Restaurant
June 5, 2019 – September 23, 2019
Tuesday, July 30th, 5:30-6:30 - Champagne Toast & Special Reception

Gayle Tustin “Birch Bark Series #7,” Mixed media on paper 30″ x 22″

Dine at Pinpoint Restaurant to view the new installation by artist, Gayle Tustin, as part of Art in Bloom Gallery’s partnership with CHECKER CAB productions and local restaurants.  “TWENTY-TWO by THIRTY” ~From the flat files of  GAYLE TUSTIN is a selection of mixed media artwork all in the size of 22″ x 30″.  The art exhibit runs from June 5 – September 23, 2019.

Join us for a special champagne toast and special reception for the artist on Tuesday, July 30, from 5:30 – 6:30pm.  The reception is free and open to the public with complimentary champagne and appetizers. If you would like to stay for dinner, please call 910-769-2972 for dinner reservations.

About the Art

After a visit to my Wilmington studio by Art in Bloom Gallery owner Amy Grant, I was presented with the idea of showing a selection of works on paper at Pin Point Restaurant.  Since I had a cache of pieces 22 x 30 inches in my flat files and storage racks, we agreed it would be interesting to have all works a unified size.

Included in this selection are works I created and/or exhibited in Macedonia, Germany, Peru, Vermont, Bald Head Island, and Wilmington.  The mixed media in these pieces vary with acrylic and oil paint, graphite, collage, sgraffito, sewing, found objects, birch bark, India ink, sailing charts, and more.

I am also known as a ceramic artist, hand-building vessel sculpture, relief wall tiles, and other three dimensional objects. There are times I find the process of making a clay piece from start to finish laborious; therefore, working in other mediums can be quite a satisfying diversion. ~ Gayle Tustin, Wilmington, NC

Enjoy the Fine Art of Dining!

PinPoint is located at 114 Market Street in Wilmington, NC.

“Asylum: Collages by Elizabeth Darrow”
June 12 - September 30, 2019
Thursday, June 20th, 6-9pm - Champagne Toast & Special Reception

“Asylum” Oil and collage on paper

Dine at Platypus & Gnome Restaurant to view “Asylum” an exhibit of collages by Wilmington artist, Elizabeth Darrow, as part of our partnership with CHECKER CAB productions and local restaurants.

Elizabeth Darrow has made Wilmington her home since 1977. Born in Hartford, Conn. Darrow is a 1967 graduate of Oberlin College (Oberlin, Ohio), where she majored in painting. She has been working in oil and collage throughout her career, usually in the manner of Abstract Expressionism.

She works in a variety of styles depending on her medium, but never works “from life” in the traditional sense. Most of the imagery that comes to her seems to hatch of its own accord, emerging from the process. Darrow enjoys working with color, repeating patterns and embedding humor (and angst) into her work. Each piece takes her on a journey of discovery where she hopes to lose herself to the process.

Join us for a special champagne toast and special reception for the artist on Thursday, June 20th from 6-8pm. The reception is free and open to the public with complimentary champagne and appetizers. If you would like to stay for dinner, please call 910-769-9300 for dinner reservations.

Click here to preview the work in the exhibit! 

Enjoy the Fine Art of Dining!

Platypus and Gnome is located at 9 South Front Street in Wilmington, NC.