About Debra Bucci – Painter

Debra Bucci is known for her vibrant and engaging floral paintings. Motivated by requests for commissions and her love of dogs, she has expanded her collection with the introduction of a Modern Art Dog Series.

Dynamic color palettes, moving compositions and translucency from layering oils all work together to enhance the depth and bring Debra’s art to life. She energizes the art with an intangible sensitivity to the human spirit, and each painting is a transformation. Flowers emit hope-inducing energy, and dogs remind us that happiness is found in the present, right here, right now.

Debra’s style is rooted in realism and is woven with abstract elements. To connect to the viewer and stay in the present, she paints in absolute silence. Maintaining focus allows for every brush stroke to carry positive affirmations to lift the soul. “We need to surround ourselves with triggers that remind us to look for the happiness in the everyday moments.”

Her work is inspired by hundreds of gifted artists working in diverse mediums. Two favorites are Henri Rousseau for his dreamy jungles and Antoni Gaudi for his organic and over-the-top architecture.

Debra has achieved success as a licensed fine artist. She is a published illustrator and has public and private collectors throughout the US. She studied painting at Drexel University under John Formicola and enjoyed a corporate career in Package Design. Debbie lives in Wilmington, NC with her husband “Art” and dog “T-Bone”.