About Debra Bucci – Painter

Debra Bucci is known for her vibrant and engaging floral and landscape paintings.

Dynamic color palettes, moving compositions and diversity in applications all work together to enhance the depth and bring Debra’s art to life. Her inspiration comes from the high’s and low’s of the  human experience and believes this tension makes the art connectable. Her style is rooted in realism and woven with abstract elements.

Debra is a published illustrator and has achieved success as a licensed fine artist. Her art has been featured in Plow & Hearth magazine and can be found on ArtNeedlepoint.com. She has also been the poster artist for The American Craft Walk in Wilmington for 8 years. She has public and private collectors throughout the US including Savorez Restaurant and Wilmington Magazine. She is an anchor artist at Art in Bloom Gallery.  She is honored to be the only artist to continually show at True Blue Butcher & Table for the past 3 years. In addition to the Art in Bloom Gallery, she can be found at The Orange Street Festival and the Arboretum Show in Wilmington.

Debra has a BFA in Design from Drexel University where she studied oil painting and enjoyed a corporate career in Package Design. She now lives in Wilmington, NC with her husband “Art” and dog “T-Bone”.