About Jeffery Geller – Sculptor and Mixed Media

Born in Wyoming and raised in Southern California, Jeffery Geller received a BA in philosophy (1974) from California State University Northridge. As an undergraduate, he studied abroad in Sheffield and Oxford, UK. As a graduate student, he studied philosophy at Duke University and studied abroad in Berlin. After two years in Germany, he returned to Durham to complete his doctorate (1982) and took a teaching position at the University of North Carolina, Pembroke, where he has been ever since. He spent more time abroad, as a Fulbright Fellow in Singapore (1989-90) and as a fellow of the Camargo Foundation in Cassis, France (1992).

Jeffery states, “There is a crossover between my philosophical interests and my art, the ideas I have encountered in my research finding their way into my painting, collage, and sculpture. The main philosophical theme that finds expression in my art is the commonality shared by different dimensions, including time. I try to convey a sense of temporal succession in many of my two-dimensional works. I have also set out to explore boundary crossings between different sense modalities, especially between the tactile and the visual.  My hope is that viewers will share at least some of the enjoyment I experienced while creating the pieces on display.”