Autumn by Jamie La Londe-Pinkston

Autumn is a kind of contradiction.

Autumn can be blustery. Kids return to school and parents resume their additional chauffeur duties. Adults also begin the next cycle of work tasks, gearing up for deadlines or embarking on new adventures. Not to mention, all that holiday shopping!

However, we often forget that autumn can be a time of stillness and reflection.  As the leaves thin, the mind also thins, increasing mental sharpness and clarity. One begins to think about what has changed hue or remained evergreen, and to assess which experiences have borne fruit and which are nothing more than husks to be abandoned.

Change, color, activity one moment, and rest and reflection the next—this is the dance of autumn.

Here at the gallery, autumn has come.  Artwork we have come to know and love has migrated elsewhere, and new work has come to nest in its place.

Amy Grant, our fearless leader—and now recipient of WILMA’s Women to Watch Award for the Arts!(—is looking back on what we have learned this first amazing year while also moving ahead into the gallery’s next chapter.

Regardless of which way the wind is blowing, there is something that endures and is always in bloom here, and that is great art—the kind of art that stops you in your tracks, tempts your gaze to drift away from your phone and your pumpkin spice latte into the world on the other side of our window.

So, we invite all of you to drop in and visit us sometime when you find yourself wanting to catch your breath and enjoy a moment of autumn stillness.

After all, winter is coming, and it is time to stock up on dreams including a look at “A Glimpse of Fall,” oil on canvas by Janette K. Hopper.