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June 10th, 2020

Checking in from Wilmington, NC

PRE PANDEMIC, like every other artist I know, being “isolated” in my studio had been the times to crave.  No one calling me to come downstairs, I wasn’t wallowing in my own guilt of “shouldn’t I be making dinner, cleaning the house, doing the laundry?” as I tried to be super woman… As someone who grew up during the MS. Generation, I was constantly pushing to be the best I could be in everything. All I ended up being was exhausted. And irritable.

Life changed last summer when my husband and I decided to move and relax our type A personalities a bit. I was extremely lucky to find such a welcoming art community, classes to teach at the museum were going gangbusters, with a waiting list each semester, I had signed contracts with 2 galleries and my 2020 out of state workshop calendar was full almost every month.

Like everyone else that came to a crashing halt mid-March. Ok, in a few weeks this too shall pass. Uh, nope. “new normal” isn’t normal at all. But I do find solace in painting, though I haven’t attempted any big canvasses lately, I am happy doing a lot of smaller works. Thanks to social media and other avenues, I am selling small works to old and new clients. It keeps my brain active, and my personality is a lot lighter after a good session in the studio. (ask the husband). Right now my favorite question is “what day is it?”, but as long as I am painting, baking, exercising, and even teaching online, the glass is half full. I say my gratefuls every day; we are good, my kids are good, and I meditate and am thankful to be alive, and happy…becoming more mindful of each moment has become my daily goal.

Art brings joy to the world, and we need more of both right now.

Jeri Greenberg, PSA IAPS-MC