Elizabeth Darrow – Painter and Collage Maker


Elizabeth was born in Hartford, CT and currently lives in Wilmington, NC.  She has held many individual and collective exhibitions.  Her work is featured in public and private collections throughout the U.S.  Click here to view a slideshow of past and present art by Elizabeth Darrow.


For me, becoming engaged in, and carried along by the process, is what making art is all about.  My paintings, as well as collages, emerge from the process itself, rather than from any preconceived plan of mine.  My only “plan” when embarking on a canvas is to layer colorful, gestural strokes of paint.  My task then is to impose order to this initial chaos.  The process moves itself along, taking unexpected turns as various shapes and colors are added to the equation.  Out of a succession of layers an image emerges.  In the tradition of Abstract Expressionism, discovery comes through the process itself.

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