About David Klinger – Photograher

Dave Klinger creates original art.  Currently, Dave is showing unique photographic prints  at Art in Bloom Gallery. He works in varied materials enjoying the fresh possibilities that appear.


The simplest of materials found or donated wondering what the next adventure might be. Wood, from construction site left overs … pieces dropped from the saw and swept into a pile for removal are unique forms in transition. It all seems so naturally expressed and intimate it could be said to be a deep and trusted intuition. I knew a woman who could juggle fine china and just dove in from day one. She never used plastic plates for practicing or rubber balls … only the china.

My work is easy to fathom. Containers to hold the precious and mundane without judgment or discrimination. Taking joy in the unexpected and letting the many materials speak out as much as they will. Fashioned on the kitchen table and worked in my landlord’s garage, by the side with the paint cans and spackle … it must be a labor of love.