About Jeri Greenberg – Pastel Artist

After many years as a fashion illustrator and sportswear designer, Jeri turned her love of graphic design towards advertising next. Having time to devote herself to painting again, and falling in love with the pastel medium, has led to a new and interesting “next act”, as a full time painter and teacher.

Feeling that “Pastels are an immediate tool to express feelings” and the perfect vehicle in which to “Make the Ordinary, Extraordinary and tell stories in her paintings, Jeri works to constantly get a deeper understanding of this wonderful medium. With her background in illustration, Jeri helps her students get a strongly drawn foundation down behind their color work.

Jeri loves painting still lifes, urban interiors, figures and fabrics, and the occasional landscape as well.Recently relocated, Jeri teaches weekly classes at the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington NC, and holds demos and workshops around the country, as well as jurying national and international pastel exhibits.

Check out Jeri’s newest project!
Restaurants + Art 2022:  Celebrating Wilmington’s Restaurant Scene Restaurants + Art is a joint project, celebrating our local Restaurants, via pastel paintings by artist, Jeri Greenberg in collaboration with Art in Bloom Gallery, Terry Espy of MoMentum Companies, and different restaurants and cafes in our community.

Jeri Greenberg – Restaurants + Art 2022