About Gayle Tustin – Ceramist and Mixed Media

“After a visit to my Wilmington studio by Art in Bloom Gallery owner Amy Grant, I was presented with the idea of showing a selection of works on paper at Pin Point Restaurant.  Since I had a cache of pieces 22 x 30 inches in my flat files and storage racks, we agreed it would be interesting to have all works a unified size.

Included in this selection are works I created and/or exhibited in Macedonia, Germany, Peru, Vermont, Bald Head Island, and Wilmington.  The mixed media in these pieces vary with acrylic and oil paint, graphite, collage, sgraffito, sewing, found objects, birch bark, India ink, sailing charts, and more.

I am also known as a ceramic artist, hand-building vessel sculpture, relief wall tiles, and other three dimensional objects. There are times I find the process of making a clay piece from start to finish laborious; therefore, working in other mediums can be quite a satisfying diversion.”

~Gayle Tustin
Wilmington, NC

Artist Statement
February 2020

Art has been part of my life for over 30 years. I am a nonrepresentational ceramist, sculptor, painter, collage and assemblage artist.

When I begin a piece, a progression of conscious and unconscious decisions start my process. Experimentation is important … feeling the force of my imagination along the way. Inspiration comes from my environment, travel, sketches, the great outdoors, books, conversations, museums, trash on the street, gestures, swimming, walking, antique stores and more.

Recently I finished a series of ceramic narrative vessel sculptures in a red earthenware clay body that I developed. My clay process has various steps with some pieces taking months to complete. The ceramic works are multi-kiln fired with terra sigillata (earth seal) and oxide patinas as well as silica glazes. They have a beautiful “ancient” look and feel about them. I spent years testing the possibilities of terra sig and oxide combinations to complete a library of 100’s of test tiles that I use as guides for color effects.

Currently I am finishing a series of nonfunctional, sculptural platters for the wall, tabletop or displayed on metal stands. In the meantime a variety of small sculptures with ceramic and found elements await my attention.