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Exhibit Date :: October 6 - 28, 2017
October 27, 6-8 pm - Closing Reception
ExperiMetal: An Artist’s Journey by Gale Smith

ExperiMetal is a journey of delving into techniques and materials to transform metal into contemporary art forms.

Exploring the relationship between painting, weaving and sculpting, while using various materials, allows formation of colorful, textured wall hangings that take on radically new tapestries and shapes. The versatility of copper and its’ uniqueness allows Gale Smith to experiment with different creative processes.  Working with a wide range of materials can be evocative, provocative and oftentimes communicates a serendipitous interpretation by the viewer.

Energy, fusion, transformation, exploration keeps the path of the creative journey open.

Gale is collaborating with Alice Blake Powell to design, create, and wear a dress for the opening and closing receptions. Alice will make the pattern pieces, and Gale will weave the copper tapestry to those pieces using various shades of blue.  The copper dress will be displayed in the gallery during the art exhibit.